From the Palinbots on Sarah’s Facebook page:

“Are the Stimulus tax dollars being earmarked to conduct opposition research about Sarah Palin?

Here’s a stub of a news article in the Sept. 13 Daily Oklahoman newspaper about Obama supporter

“Tammy Henderson, associate professor in Oklahoma State University’s College of Human Environmental Sciences, who received a National Science Foundation grant for more than $1.1 million to study Alaska Native grandparents.

Research will be conducted by meeting with members of Alaskan communities with the main goal of shedding light on the similarities and unique aspects of Alaskan Native grandparents as very few studies have been completed on the Arctic population.”

Read between the lines, fellow Palin friends and fans……..

“Here’s a more detailed Daily Oklahoma news article concerning what I suspect is a stealth Sarah Palin Opposition Research project funded by our Federal Tax Dollars.

The size and purpose of this study seem totally ludicrous on the surface.

Plus-size Professor Tammy Henderson is an Obama supporter…. Read More

One of the  Palinbots weighs in on this stunning development.

“We’re shocked and surprised about this? Knowing who and what Obama is, I would be surprised and shocked if he was *NOT* doing this.

That said…it’s another item to be added to the rather long litany of items to be protested….though in this case, given who he is targeting, I would make this a high-priority item.”

*Big ginormous sigh* I don’t see where in either article Dr. Henderson talks about who she voted for last November.  To get money from the NSF requires writing a grant where you explain why you are seeking funding and hope that your application is approved.

I looked up Dr. Henderson’s web page at OSU. If you look at the top of the page you will see “Gerontology Institute” which means she studies the elderly. If you then click on the link marked “Publications”,  you will see a long list of papers in which Dr. Henderson is listed as the author or co-author. Dr. Henderson is simply a scientist who wishes to travel to Alaska to do research in her chosen field.

In summary, Obama is not using NSF funds to send out spies to track down dirt on the elusive Twitter Quitter.