Palinbot Roundup 11/12/2009

November 12, 2009

The Palinbots are hopin’ and wishin’ and prayin’ for a miracle in the NY-23 race.

“Thanks to the person who posted this link. NPR Now we learn that the vote count in NY 23 is not over. And not only that, the state has yet to certify the election. So Hoffman’s concession may not matter if the vote isn’t yet certified?”

Wait! You are posting a link from NPR and not bashing them!?! Has Hell frozen over? (Please note that I did make the small link up there using the URL provided by the  ‘bot.)


“Do yu think Obama will allow this with Owens/Hoffman??? He will do whatever to make sure Owens stays in, he did go on and on about how the seat had been filled with a Republican for over a 100 years. He did really try to rub that in.”
“This will be SO sweet! Dare we even hope that since an unconfirmed (NY) congressman invalidates the whole HC vote it has to be re-voted? Good grief what a dream!”

“If Hoffman wins then Pelosi’s HC vote in house is null and void.”

“We can only hope.”

“Is that really true?? If only!!”

“I thought they only needed 219 votes. That arsehole Cao in Louisiana ruine those chances for us.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. ”

“If we can get one hot-shot constitutional lawyer on it…”

“Major shenanigans in the NY 23 Race. Unreal but very believeable from the marxists.”

Stay tuned Palinbot watchers!


Hey look! It’s George W. Bush!

“Great to see GW Bush speaking on Fox and w/o a teleprompter!”

“His voice was “like music to my ears”!!! Boy do I miss him. Didn’t agree with him on some issues…but I KNEW HE LOVED AMERICA!!! Can’t say that for the Dictator and Thief.”


“Miss him!!”

Funny, I would think that anyone with ears would think that Mr. Obama had a nice speaking voice even if you disagreed with his message. Then again, they enjoy listening to Sarah speak.


Ooh! Another book about Sarah???


“A word of warning to my fellow Sarah fans. Do not waste your money on the book:Sarah from Alaska by Scott Conroy & Shushannah Walshe. They came across (on Fox) as writers giving us the inside look at the before,during, & after aspect of the ’08 campaign. They did just that but spent more time & effort bashing Sarah …than anything else. If I had only read the inside jacket where it stated that they were “embedded reporters who covered Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign”, I would not have wasted my money on their book. They did shed some favorable light on the clothing mess and gave a glowing report on Mitt Romney. Save your money & spend it on another copy of Sarahs’ book or make a donation to our troops.”

Oh my! You mean they don’t fawn over Queen Sarah on each and every page? Off with their heads!!!

“Thanks for the heads up ,”

“Um – I would’nt trust ANYONE from Masachussets!”

Well, I wouldn’t trust anybody who can’t spell Massachusetts.  *rimshot*


“The true American is Sarah Palin, BO is not Ameircan he is muslim/communist.”

Are you related to this woman?



Palinbot roundup

October 29, 2009

“The politians trying to run your life. So my Father was going to throw 2 oars over his shoulder and start walking. When he gets to a place where someone ask him what those are. He was going to settle down right there cause if people are so dumb to know what they were, they can not think up more laws to run your life.”

Sure hope none of the neighbors have matches. Otherwise, your idiot utopia is going to burn to the ground since nobody is smart enough to put out a fire.


“The “Tea Party” vs. “everyone else”? Do you think we should start focusing on getting some more moderate people involved in order to win in 2012? After all, it’s the independent/swing voters who decide elections, right?”

The ‘bots have zero interest in sharing a party with sane people! Haven’t you been listening to their tirades about those who do not meet their ideological purity standards?


“You are being criticized for speaking fees lately. Can you share with us your rationale for the relatively high political venue fees. Also – here in Tennessee you have been criticized by local talk radio of not honoring commitments by switching speaking engagement for higher fees saying you had a scheduling conflict. I need some ammo to respond to these critics!”

If you were a “real” American, you would not be questioning the wisdom of Sarah Palin. Why do you hate America so much?


“Anybody else get an email notice from Facebook that they are changing log in procedure and we need to update our account???”

I live in Nigeria and I’d love to discuss a business proposition with you.


“NY23 IS PAUL REVERE CALLING CONSERVATIVES. While Huckabee and Romney huddled inside next to the fire, Sarah ran out into the freezing cold to the town square,stood there, and proclaimed, NO MORE POLITICS AS USUAL. WE’RE NOT GONNA’ TAKE IT ANYMORE! GO ROGUE! TAKE BACK OUR PARTY!”

Then she exclaimed as she rode out of sight: “Don’t forget my book is on sale at and I could use some more cash! Also, too, who wants to make a run for the border and pick me up a Crunchwrap Supreme?”

We all make mistakes while writing. A typo here and there, a few misspelled words, accidentally using the wrong verb tense, etc… can happen to the best of us. Re-reading something before posting is always recommended as a means of hopefully catching said errors.

Sarah Keep up the work you do. There are so many Americans that have forgot that work = success. I was born into the beliefe that Americans work into their owne success. When did it change?”

I used to be a Republican but I soon found they lost thier way. You Sarah are one of the last great conservitave real republicans. I am a strong Conservative. I will vote for who ever runs and shows they have Conservative beliefs. I ordered your book and cant wit till it comes out. Thank you for what you have done, will do and for showing the American people what a real Conseervative is all about.”

the republicans(gop) doesn’t get it, we don’t want the same o’le thing, we want honest, freedom loving amercans in congress and the senate, lower taxes, no cap&trade, no big government…sarah you just be yourself, i haven’t watced oprah since during the election, but i wll on nov. 16th and now that you are a free spirit, you will do great, and the endorsement in “NY” was good medicene for the should be a wake up call.”

I just would like to answere to one of the comments on here about who let all these democrates become our bosses… the apathetic Amerikans who were to busy to turn off the next episome of survivor or whatever one was stuck to. who else? is respnsable? Ill tell you who those who are unable to Vote there consince and had to vote for the one most likely to win.. what a wasted vote! I saw all the dipsticks who were running on all sides of the asle I beleved that Sara was a good bet. but when the system paid and prodded all the other canadates to run to weaken the stew. I knew it was a rigged election.”

Palinbots like to be helpful.

Fellow Americans! Do not, DO NOT buy the 2 phoney liberal books that the liberals are putting out the same release date as Going Rogue. They call it “Going Rouge Sarah Palin an American nightmare”, the other is a coloring book.”

I think that Glenn Beck should do a ten part series on how to spot Sarah’s real book in bookstores. Otherwise, the semi-literate ‘bots will unknowingly purchase one or more of the “phoney” books, and organize another whine fest protest with the goal of banning all books that are critical of Queen Sarah.

Those who have not been under a rock have heard that Sarah Palin recently made a speech in Hong Kong for at least 100K, and she will soon have a book out. Right now the exact amount she is being paid for the book is unknown, but some in the publishing world have said that it could be as high as 7 million.  After taking in those numbers, I stumbled onto these comments on the wall of her Facebook page.

“Reminder — especially for the new supporters:

Gov. Palin still has $244K in legal bills incurred fighting frivolous ethics complaints lodged by Obama cronies, and lone stalkers. Please donate to XXXX and help make Gov. P…alin whole.

Help Gov. Palin support conservative candidates and get her message out. Please donate to XXXX or click either of the two XXXX links she provides.

A number of supporters are running a campaign called “I’m In for $10.” When the number of Gov. Palin’s Facebook supporters reaches 1 million, we donate at least $10 to XXXX.”

“Let us all make a pledge. For every troll who posts on Sarah’s page, we will get three new supportes to sign up, donate $10.00 to  XXXX  and buy another one of her books.”

Yes, the Palinbots do have the right to give Sarah every blessed dime they have, but this push to fatten Sarah’s coffers is very distasteful to me. It reminds me of those sleazy televangelists asking their viewers to give till it hurts, so that they may live in luxury, while their followers struggle to buy groceries. It does appear that the pressure is coming from other Palinbots instead of Sarah herself.  Still, the pressure remains to “step out in faith” regardless of the state of your personal  finances.

Quotes from Sarah Palin’s Facebook Page:

“Imus said Sarah couldn’t read! How stupid, she can’t read but she can write a book that goes #1 over a month before it’s in the store. Doesn’t make sense! Imus must be an idiot!!!”

“IMUS just called Sarah Palin “stupid” and she can’t read, etc. Boycott his show that will be airing on the FOX Business channel.”

“Fox made a bad decision hiring Don Imus! Imus called Sarah Palin a dope who can’t read!”

“I am off to email foxnews now and let them now I will now no longer be tuning into thier station when imus is on the air due to his incredibly RUDE remarks regarding Sarah Palin today. I think everyone should join in. A forced apology is in order here!”

Palinbots refuse to accept the fact that Sarah had a ghostwriter, and become furious if anybody dares to insinuate that Sarah didn’t whip out her Big Chief Tablet and purple crayon, and write every single word of her forthcoming opus.

Palinbots were already upset at Bill O’Reilly because he’s been acting too liberal for them, and wasn’t fawning enough over Sarah.  Fox News had better watch it, or the Palinbots will get mad enough to boycott their whole network and rely exclusively on chain emails and other Palinbots for their news.