Palinbots and Oprah

October 28, 2009

The Facebook Palinbots can’t seem to decide if Sarah should stay far away from Oprah, or if she should go on and try to help us poor deluded liberals see the light upon viewing Sarah Palin on our tee-vees. One thing they all seem to be aware of is that Sarah is scheduled to appear in November the day before her book comes out. Okay, maybe not all of them…

“we were unable to see Sarah Palin on Oprah. not on Philly ch6 nor on Lancaster ch8. Was she on Oprah? Was this announcement a hoax by the LEFT? I will hate it if we were prevented from viewing it, if, in fact that is what happened. Help? Did Sarah appear on Oprah. Apologies , but i have been out of the news loop for the past several days”

According to Oprah’s website, Sarah is going to be on the show on November 16, 2009. Sorry, but I’m not following the logic train of why “the LEFT” would start a rumor that Sarah is going to go on Oprah just to mess with some Palinbot in PA. *shrugs*