From Sarah’s Facebook Page:

“My email to the Nobel office in Norway: You have made a grave mistake. Obama is battling for his political life in the USA because the world views his positions as being weak while allowing rogue nations the time to escalate and proliferate. By awarding this to Obama, you have minimized and debased the award and its value to all its prior recipients. It has become a worthless award with less value than an MTV award, and has lost the respect of the world. I attempted to telephone you at the Nobel office (011-47-2212-9300) and fax your office (011-47-2212-9310), but was unable to get through. Shame on you. Let them know what you think.”

“You go girl!”

“Thanks (original poster). I’ll do the same.”

“Good for you and well said.”

“THANKS (original poster).”

“Great job, that’s the way to go. Send the comments to though.”

“Thank you for that info. I sent to the one posted on the website. So I’ll post this also. Perhaps we can shut them down the way we did for the IOC!”

Stay classy, Palinbots!