“Gov. Sarah Palin hit it just right with the ObamaCare Death Panel revelation. POTUSĀ  Obambi is scared to death of Gov. Sarah Palin. She’s an authentic Pioneer women, who knows how to shoot, scoot, kill ’em, skin ’em, and grill ’em. Obambi’s a bloviating Socialist fraud. We’re STILL waiting for his HI H.S., Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard transcripts. And, his Long-Form HI TYPED birth certificate, circa 1961. What is he HIDING??Who’s his real Daddy? Frank the Poet, Frank Marshall Davis? “Dreams of My Father?” Really, it’s “Fantasies of My Father”.

Uh, you forget to talk about how great Glenn Beck is and how fabulous life will be once Sarah is elected.

“No more to say to you XXXX, but you demacrat’s will be out in 2012 . The people that have moral’s and standard’s are tierd of of your type thinking you know what your doing, and your pant’s are down I would love to see you run, you will fall flat on your face 2012……”

Why do hate apostrophes so much?? Were you kidnapped by some rouge rogue apostrophes as a child?

“I’m coming to Alaska to work for a while on King Salmon Island. I’ll arrive in Anchorage around 2 PM on Sunday the 15th. Sure would like the opportunity for you to meet me. I’m a big fan of your’s.”

Just stay put and Sarah will rush right over to meet you with a big plate of mooseburgers. You betcha!

“Palin/Buchmann 2012! My dh claims it would be the hottest presidential ticket EVER! Hmmmmm!!”

So we are supposed to pick whichever team is the “hottest” on election day? I’ve been wasting time all these years reading about the issues and carefully deciding which candidate I think best reflects my point of view. Now, I’ll have more time to watch reality TV and send easily debunked chain emails to everybody I know. Awesome!!

“you poor woman having to deal with that schmuck ex “son in law”! By the way your HOT! you Cougar!”

Um, are you trying to say that Sarah has been going after younger men? I thought adultery was bad and stuff?

Palinbots love their conspiracy theories, urban legends, and hoaxes:

“FB will do what ever they can to keep SP from reaching 1,000,000 before Oprah.”

Oh darn! Those Palinbots have foiled our seekrit plot!!!

“Has anyone seen news about hn1388 “”By executive order, President Barack Obama has ordered the expenditure of $20.3 million in “migration assistance” to the Palestinian refugees and “conflict victims” in Gaza.” We will have Ft. Hood like shootings all over America..!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Bless your heart, your Google must be broken! Snopes.com


From Sarah Palin’s Facebook Page:

“Its sad to think and I’m not taking away from the horror of the holocaust but I’m almost waiting to be carted off to a conservative concentration camp. The MSM glorifying barak hitler (yes I went there no i’m not sorry) children singin…g songs in his honor, people blindly beliving his rhetoric… where do I line up to get a number on my forehead?”

“gh. Im a conservative, but seriously comparing him to Hitler just stoops us to the level of the Left. Like wow. Hitler killed millons of Jews. To compare Obama to him is just ignorance. This post deserves a dislike.”

“sorry… but no reason to state hitler. shouldn’t go there as that has nothing to do with the other”

“(Original poster), ridicule and mockery are effective tools and I commend you for using them well.”

“seriously (original poster) that isn’t going to happen. Children sang about Bush after Hurricane Katrina as well. Stop listening to the conspiracy theorists”

“Hello (second poster),
Go look and see for yourself how Adolf Hitler got himself started. Do some real research. You will be shocked.”

“But hos actions and people smack of the build-up of Hitler and his cronies (like SA). This I have heard from every person who went through the war there first hand!”

“this is what our site doesn’t need.”

“While driving through downtown Pittsburgh, Obama, was piped in through speakers on the street, and my first response was, Is this Germany. I do get the point of not comparing him to Hitler, I think in ways he is more dangerous. He is sneaky and very subtle, murder no,not unless you count unborn babies.”

“Comparing Obama to Hitler is not only inaccurate but shows a gross lack of knowledge of the history of the Holocaust. It also disrespects the horror those people suffered. It has no place in mature political discussion and I am dissappointed that it is allowed on this site.”

I’ve read so much of this stuff lately that I’ve become quite jaded to all the insults. Please note that the posts in blue have since been erased.

” I think Sarah and Michelle Buchmann should get together, wow what a combo !!!! She is all over Acorn. And what I can tell of her she is one classy lady like our sweet sweet Sarah.”

“Bachmann is a lunatic. Sarah can do better. Bachmann will bring Sarah down!”

“Michelle is fantastic..i think we need a few more lunatics..some of us have been asleep and the tiger has awoken”

When hoping to win a future election, it always helps to openly declare that you are pro-lunatic