Those who have not been under a rock have heard that Sarah Palin recently made a speech in Hong Kong for at least 100K, and she will soon have a book out. Right now the exact amount she is being paid for the book is unknown, but some in the publishing world have said that it could be as high as 7 million.  After taking in those numbers, I stumbled onto these comments on the wall of her Facebook page.

“Reminder — especially for the new supporters:

Gov. Palin still has $244K in legal bills incurred fighting frivolous ethics complaints lodged by Obama cronies, and lone stalkers. Please donate to XXXX and help make Gov. P…alin whole.

Help Gov. Palin support conservative candidates and get her message out. Please donate to XXXX or click either of the two XXXX links she provides.

A number of supporters are running a campaign called “I’m In for $10.” When the number of Gov. Palin’s Facebook supporters reaches 1 million, we donate at least $10 to XXXX.”

“Let us all make a pledge. For every troll who posts on Sarah’s page, we will get three new supportes to sign up, donate $10.00 to  XXXX  and buy another one of her books.”

Yes, the Palinbots do have the right to give Sarah every blessed dime they have, but this push to fatten Sarah’s coffers is very distasteful to me. It reminds me of those sleazy televangelists asking their viewers to give till it hurts, so that they may live in luxury, while their followers struggle to buy groceries. It does appear that the pressure is coming from other Palinbots instead of Sarah herself.  Still, the pressure remains to “step out in faith” regardless of the state of your personal  finances.