Quotes from Sarah Palin’s Facebook Page:

“Imus said Sarah couldn’t read! How stupid, she can’t read but she can write a book that goes #1 over a month before it’s in the store. Doesn’t make sense! Imus must be an idiot!!!”

“IMUS just called Sarah Palin “stupid” and she can’t read, etc. Boycott his show that will be airing on the FOX Business channel.”

“Fox made a bad decision hiring Don Imus! Imus called Sarah Palin a dope who can’t read!”

“I am off to email foxnews now and let them now I will now no longer be tuning into thier station when imus is on the air due to his incredibly RUDE remarks regarding Sarah Palin today. I think everyone should join in. A forced apology is in order here!”

Palinbots refuse to accept the fact that Sarah had a ghostwriter, and become furious if anybody dares to insinuate that Sarah didn’t whip out her Big Chief Tablet and purple crayon, and write every single word of her forthcoming opus.

Palinbots were already upset at Bill O’Reilly because he’s been acting too liberal for them, and wasn’t fawning enough over Sarah.  Fox News had better watch it, or the Palinbots will get mad enough to boycott their whole network and rely exclusively on chain emails and other Palinbots for their news.