From Sarah’s Facebook Page:

“My email to the Nobel office in Norway: You have made a grave mistake. Obama is battling for his political life in the USA because the world views his positions as being weak while allowing rogue nations the time to escalate and proliferate. By awarding this to Obama, you have minimized and debased the award and its value to all its prior recipients. It has become a worthless award with less value than an MTV award, and has lost the respect of the world. I attempted to telephone you at the Nobel office (011-47-2212-9300) and fax your office (011-47-2212-9310), but was unable to get through. Shame on you. Let them know what you think.”

“You go girl!”

“Thanks (original poster). I’ll do the same.”

“Good for you and well said.”

“THANKS (original poster).”

“Great job, that’s the way to go. Send the comments to though.”

“Thank you for that info. I sent to the one posted on the website. So I’ll post this also. Perhaps we can shut them down the way we did for the IOC!”

Stay classy, Palinbots!


From Sarah Palin’s Facebook Page:

“Its sad to think and I’m not taking away from the horror of the holocaust but I’m almost waiting to be carted off to a conservative concentration camp. The MSM glorifying barak hitler (yes I went there no i’m not sorry) children singin…g songs in his honor, people blindly beliving his rhetoric… where do I line up to get a number on my forehead?”

“gh. Im a conservative, but seriously comparing him to Hitler just stoops us to the level of the Left. Like wow. Hitler killed millons of Jews. To compare Obama to him is just ignorance. This post deserves a dislike.”

“sorry… but no reason to state hitler. shouldn’t go there as that has nothing to do with the other”

“(Original poster), ridicule and mockery are effective tools and I commend you for using them well.”

“seriously (original poster) that isn’t going to happen. Children sang about Bush after Hurricane Katrina as well. Stop listening to the conspiracy theorists”

“Hello (second poster),
Go look and see for yourself how Adolf Hitler got himself started. Do some real research. You will be shocked.”

“But hos actions and people smack of the build-up of Hitler and his cronies (like SA). This I have heard from every person who went through the war there first hand!”

“this is what our site doesn’t need.”

“While driving through downtown Pittsburgh, Obama, was piped in through speakers on the street, and my first response was, Is this Germany. I do get the point of not comparing him to Hitler, I think in ways he is more dangerous. He is sneaky and very subtle, murder no,not unless you count unborn babies.”

“Comparing Obama to Hitler is not only inaccurate but shows a gross lack of knowledge of the history of the Holocaust. It also disrespects the horror those people suffered. It has no place in mature political discussion and I am dissappointed that it is allowed on this site.”

I’ve read so much of this stuff lately that I’ve become quite jaded to all the insults. Please note that the posts in blue have since been erased.

” I think Sarah and Michelle Buchmann should get together, wow what a combo !!!! She is all over Acorn. And what I can tell of her she is one classy lady like our sweet sweet Sarah.”

“Bachmann is a lunatic. Sarah can do better. Bachmann will bring Sarah down!”

“Michelle is fantastic..i think we need a few more lunatics..some of us have been asleep and the tiger has awoken”

When hoping to win a future election, it always helps to openly declare that you are pro-lunatic

Even more wisdom from Sarah Palin’s Facebook Page

Palinbots and the Constitution:

” Why was FDR elected to 4 terms as president? And is it possible for Obama to force the same thing on we the people?”

Every time I see a teabagger on TV, they are yelling about how this, that, and the other is unconstitutional, and they don’t even know about the 22 Amendment!?! *head explodes*

“i believe they amended the constitution to allow only two terms, so it would take a constitutional amendment to allow this.”

“Because it is was not illegal at the time.”

“22nd amendment requires a president only serve 2 terms and amending the constitution

Thank goodness the last three Palinbots knew something about the Constitution! Now, someone should be coming along shortly to say something about Obama throwing out our Constitution and doing whatever he wants.

“If obama is successful at tossing out the Constitution by 2012 we won’t have an election.”

That’s a good Palinbot!! Now, somebody will bring up “over my dead body”.

“I wont be around because it will be over my dead body”


Palinbots are compassionate conservatives who care about those in need:

“Being Christian, like Sarah Palin, it is but pleasing and proper to share some story of hardship and tough life that others are experiencing. We Americans can best appreciate what we have compared to those in calamity. Philippines typhoon aftermath T…yphoon Ketsana has left the main Philippines island of Luzon in chaos. 18-year-old construction worker braved rampaging floods in the Philippines to save more than 30 people, but ended up sacrificing his life in a last trip to rescue a baby girl and her mother who were being swept away on a styrofoam box.

Let’s all pray for the least fortunate.”

Soon, someone will suggest making a donation to the victims. Palinbots are always reminding us that conservatives are much more generous than liberals when it comes to giving to charities. I expect they will be quite generous and I know the typhoon victims will be very grateful. Plus, many Palinbots are Christians, and Christianity teaches it’s followers to help the less fortunate. *watches clock*

I watched this thread for 30 minutes, and while other people gave it a ‘thumbs up’, nobody made a comment suggesting that Sarah’s followers make a donation to a charity that is assisting the victims.

“Health Care Reform. Why? We have the best medical care in the world. No compromise, No Health Care Reform, No Public Option, No Government Health Care! I do not agree with John McCains vision of the GOP stop and get back to the right strong conservative values.”

“Exactly (original poster). They want to ruin the whole system for the few!!”

“Amen (original poster). If people want healthcare they should get jobs.”

I got mine and to hell with anybody else!

From the Palinbots on Sarah’s Facebook page:

“Are the Stimulus tax dollars being earmarked to conduct opposition research about Sarah Palin?

Here’s a stub of a news article in the Sept. 13 Daily Oklahoman newspaper about Obama supporter

“Tammy Henderson, associate professor in Oklahoma State University’s College of Human Environmental Sciences, who received a National Science Foundation grant for more than $1.1 million to study Alaska Native grandparents.

Research will be conducted by meeting with members of Alaskan communities with the main goal of shedding light on the similarities and unique aspects of Alaskan Native grandparents as very few studies have been completed on the Arctic population.”

Read between the lines, fellow Palin friends and fans……..

“Here’s a more detailed Daily Oklahoma news article concerning what I suspect is a stealth Sarah Palin Opposition Research project funded by our Federal Tax Dollars.

The size and purpose of this study seem totally ludicrous on the surface.

Plus-size Professor Tammy Henderson is an Obama supporter…. Read More

One of the  Palinbots weighs in on this stunning development.

“We’re shocked and surprised about this? Knowing who and what Obama is, I would be surprised and shocked if he was *NOT* doing this.

That said…it’s another item to be added to the rather long litany of items to be protested….though in this case, given who he is targeting, I would make this a high-priority item.”

*Big ginormous sigh* I don’t see where in either article Dr. Henderson talks about who she voted for last November.  To get money from the NSF requires writing a grant where you explain why you are seeking funding and hope that your application is approved.

I looked up Dr. Henderson’s web page at OSU. If you look at the top of the page you will see “Gerontology Institute” which means she studies the elderly. If you then click on the link marked “Publications”,  you will see a long list of papers in which Dr. Henderson is listed as the author or co-author. Dr. Henderson is simply a scientist who wishes to travel to Alaska to do research in her chosen field.

In summary, Obama is not using NSF funds to send out spies to track down dirt on the elusive Twitter Quitter.

The Palinbots are up and at ’em today!

“Obama was touted as an intelligent man, buty his stupid moves on the economy and foreighn policy have diwproven that fact. It doesn’t take an ivy league education to be a good president. It takes good common sense I’ll betcha. Palin has it.”

A bit later, the same person posts this:

“One more thing. What kind of education did he get? Did he ever graduate?”

Well, Harvard *claims* he graduated magna cum laude from their law school, but I’m sure it’s  part of a conspiracy.  Same goes for Columbia University who *claims* he earned a Bachelor’s degree.  He started at Occidental College and then transferred to Columbia. There must be a ginormous conspiracy behind this as it looks like he graduated in only four years. What a crock!

When Palin takes over, she’ll fix their respective wagons and make all the colleges and universities only teach important subjects like fancy pageant walking and how our ancestors avoided becoming dinosaur  snacks.

“The future of the country does not depend on Sarah Palin alone, although I can think of no person I would rather have sitting in the Oval Office. The future of the country depends on people who are like Sarah Palin, that is, people who are willing t…o put family and country above personal self interests. Keep up the good work, Sarah. I hope your inspiration creates thousands, millions, more just like you!”

Nah, this one’s easy!! It starts with a pregnant teenager and a big ol’ bus…

Shortly after that post, a reply comes in:

“I agree completely…I think Sarah is a fine example of the types of people we should support…We also should guard against the zombie like following of one person…like we see in the Obama-nation…I think we generally are a lot smarter that the Obama Nation..however we must guard against hero worship…One of the things that I like about Sarah…is…I don’t think she likes hero worship either…i hardly ever hear her talk about herself…I believe with her it IS about the country.”

Yeah, it sure would be bad if you got to the point where if someone dared to criticize Sarah that you came unhinged and started  accusing them of all sorts of crazy stuff. Thank goodness Plainbots are immune to such madness!

“When Israel attacks Iran, and Obama shuts down FOX, talk radio and the internet, and bans elections. What can we citizens do to make sure the people get correctly informed as to what’s going on, and to make sure elections do get held? What are the legalities to such an act?”

“I guess we will have underground radio popping up around. And we will pass notes via cell phone texts.”

“C B radios”

Oh good, someone’s  going to try and calm everybody down!

“XXXX, none of those will happen…except, perhaps Israel on Iran. Any attempt on Obama’s side to do that a surely a Revolution wont be avoided.”

Unfortunately,  the calm is short.

“I think this is important for the citizens to know, just how to keep communications up when everything we currently use for communications gets shut down.”

“Anything that requires a satellite link will fail. Have to go low tech with networks in place to promote signals.”

“Also, remember this, if we do text others, they will know exactly where we are and will come arrest us.”

Obama’s gonna get us, run!!!!

“You ask questions more pressing than any of us care to admit. Legalities matter little when powers that be ignore them. Snail mail may help a little for a time. Everyone know ham and cb radio operators? Jus’ sayin'”

“I hope you are right, XXXX,”

he’s talking to the guy that tried to calm everybody down

“but remember this, a revolution of 350,000,000 can’t happen when the government has the military. Why do you think China stays communist? Do you think the people there enjoy starving and being tortured?”

Obama’s gonna starve and torture us !!!

“Good suggetions, XXXX”

He’s talking to the guy who said “Snail mail may help a little for a time.”

“Like I said, we don’t like to think of this scenario but should it ever happen, we all need to be informed as to what our options may be.”

Oh please!  I think some of you want this to happen just so you can strut around saying “I told you so!!”.

“Ask those who “incorrectly” voted in the Iran elections and had their fingers cut off. They use the fingerprint method to vote, no secret ballots. I agree effective and widespread communication is a must”

Obama’s gonna cut off our fingers!! I bet he eats them with some fava beans and a nice Chianti! *screams*

“And remember, no matter if 100 million people showed up in front of the White House, the media would say nothing about it. The people would have to act on their own and forget whatever media reports because it would be nothing but state controlled lies, as is the main stream media today.”

“do like the terrorist and by those pay as you go phones and keep changing phones”

Uh-oh, I have one of those phones. I’m a terrorist and nobody told me!!

“Good idea, XXXX.”

Aren’t you glad that Palinbots are levelheaded people who simply have a political difference with the current president? Think how crazy things would be if they started spreading crazy rumors that scared people?

Those who have not been under a rock have heard that Sarah Palin recently made a speech in Hong Kong for at least 100K, and she will soon have a book out. Right now the exact amount she is being paid for the book is unknown, but some in the publishing world have said that it could be as high as 7 million.  After taking in those numbers, I stumbled onto these comments on the wall of her Facebook page.

“Reminder — especially for the new supporters:

Gov. Palin still has $244K in legal bills incurred fighting frivolous ethics complaints lodged by Obama cronies, and lone stalkers. Please donate to XXXX and help make Gov. P…alin whole.

Help Gov. Palin support conservative candidates and get her message out. Please donate to XXXX or click either of the two XXXX links she provides.

A number of supporters are running a campaign called “I’m In for $10.” When the number of Gov. Palin’s Facebook supporters reaches 1 million, we donate at least $10 to XXXX.”

“Let us all make a pledge. For every troll who posts on Sarah’s page, we will get three new supportes to sign up, donate $10.00 to  XXXX  and buy another one of her books.”

Yes, the Palinbots do have the right to give Sarah every blessed dime they have, but this push to fatten Sarah’s coffers is very distasteful to me. It reminds me of those sleazy televangelists asking their viewers to give till it hurts, so that they may live in luxury, while their followers struggle to buy groceries. It does appear that the pressure is coming from other Palinbots instead of Sarah herself.  Still, the pressure remains to “step out in faith” regardless of the state of your personal  finances.

Quotes from Sarah Palin’s Facebook Page:

“Imus said Sarah couldn’t read! How stupid, she can’t read but she can write a book that goes #1 over a month before it’s in the store. Doesn’t make sense! Imus must be an idiot!!!”

“IMUS just called Sarah Palin “stupid” and she can’t read, etc. Boycott his show that will be airing on the FOX Business channel.”

“Fox made a bad decision hiring Don Imus! Imus called Sarah Palin a dope who can’t read!”

“I am off to email foxnews now and let them now I will now no longer be tuning into thier station when imus is on the air due to his incredibly RUDE remarks regarding Sarah Palin today. I think everyone should join in. A forced apology is in order here!”

Palinbots refuse to accept the fact that Sarah had a ghostwriter, and become furious if anybody dares to insinuate that Sarah didn’t whip out her Big Chief Tablet and purple crayon, and write every single word of her forthcoming opus.

Palinbots were already upset at Bill O’Reilly because he’s been acting too liberal for them, and wasn’t fawning enough over Sarah.  Fox News had better watch it, or the Palinbots will get mad enough to boycott their whole network and rely exclusively on chain emails and other Palinbots for their news.