Fancy book learnin’ is fer libruls

October 28, 2009

We all make mistakes while writing. A typo here and there, a few misspelled words, accidentally using the wrong verb tense, etc… can happen to the best of us. Re-reading something before posting is always recommended as a means of hopefully catching said errors.

Sarah Keep up the work you do. There are so many Americans that have forgot that work = success. I was born into the beliefe that Americans work into their owne success. When did it change?”

I used to be a Republican but I soon found they lost thier way. You Sarah are one of the last great conservitave real republicans. I am a strong Conservative. I will vote for who ever runs and shows they have Conservative beliefs. I ordered your book and cant wit till it comes out. Thank you for what you have done, will do and for showing the American people what a real Conseervative is all about.”

the republicans(gop) doesn’t get it, we don’t want the same o’le thing, we want honest, freedom loving amercans in congress and the senate, lower taxes, no cap&trade, no big government…sarah you just be yourself, i haven’t watced oprah since during the election, but i wll on nov. 16th and now that you are a free spirit, you will do great, and the endorsement in “NY” was good medicene for the should be a wake up call.”

I just would like to answere to one of the comments on here about who let all these democrates become our bosses… the apathetic Amerikans who were to busy to turn off the next episome of survivor or whatever one was stuck to. who else? is respnsable? Ill tell you who those who are unable to Vote there consince and had to vote for the one most likely to win.. what a wasted vote! I saw all the dipsticks who were running on all sides of the asle I beleved that Sara was a good bet. but when the system paid and prodded all the other canadates to run to weaken the stew. I knew it was a rigged election.”

Palinbots like to be helpful.

Fellow Americans! Do not, DO NOT buy the 2 phoney liberal books that the liberals are putting out the same release date as Going Rogue. They call it “Going Rouge Sarah Palin an American nightmare”, the other is a coloring book.”

I think that Glenn Beck should do a ten part series on how to spot Sarah’s real book in bookstores. Otherwise, the semi-literate ‘bots will unknowingly purchase one or more of the “phoney” books, and organize another whine fest protest with the goal of banning all books that are critical of Queen Sarah.

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